Copyright-Free Resources for…Free

apples-1386386_960_720Education is one field where copyright law provides more freedom than others. We still need to be digital role models and avoid any impropriety or misuse of copyrighted material.

The best way to do this is to either ask for permission to use other people’s material, create your own, or use material that is copyright-free. I usually use Pixabay for my images on this blog. Pixabay clearly states which images must be attributed. Some material requires no attribution, which is why I like it.

Here are some other sources for free videos and images that you can use in your classroom. Be sure to check the requirements for usage and abide by them. When people release the copyright on their materials for others to freely use, it is important to respect their choices so that they will continue to offer this material. Attributing your source also helps the artist to gain recognition and further his or her career, so be kind and attribute.

Copyright-free Videos (free)

Copyright-free Images (free)
And anything with a download button on

Educate yourself about the differences between Public Domain, Copyright, and Creative Commons so that you can be a digital role model and teach your students how to be a responsible and creative internet user.

You can learn more by visiting my Summerjam session in June!



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