New Year, New You! January 10, 2016

We went back to work yesterday and it was initially difficiult because my children at home were upset they couldn’t be with me all day. I was not looking forward to the commute, the weather, the re-training of students to act respectfully in a classroom…but what motivates me and gets me thinking positively is the great ideas I read about online.

They say, “new year, new you” – I know a new year’s resolution to stay on a diet will fail (likely before lunch), but I have to keep working at being optimistic because it improves my life and the lives of those around me. Staying current on educational issues keeps me focused and provides this inspiration. Here are some examples:

Josh Lewis, our district tech leader, shared some videos about incorporating technology in the classroom – how to improve tech experiences for ELLs and how to achieve a balance between free acess and a complete ban on devices in the classroom.

Jay Trujillo, our director of secondary education, shared an article on equity and improving teaching to better reach disadvantaged students. Incidentally, the article also mentioned the efficacy of frequent testing to improve memory. We are doing many things right in this district!

Krystal Freeman, also in our tech department, shared a video on Twitter about how Millenials got to be how they are – through no fault of their own – and what we need to teach them to help them achieve more fulfilling, joyful lives (patience).

I am so blessed to be able to research and read about what’s going on in education and have the opportunity to apply what I learn to my teaching. We have a great model here and I am so honored to be a part of it!


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