Has It Been Eleven Days?! October 24, 2016

Hello, fans of Education! I am back after 11 days without checking in. I was mostly working on my three sessions of Tech Fest – researching, experimenting, recording, and formatting the information. Here they are:

Session 1: Illustration and Imagination

Session 2: Drawing Conclusions


Session 3: Animation for Anyone

Additionally, I provided booklets to all attendees and they included slightly different information and were not formatted exactly the same as the presentations, which took even longer. So that’s what I was mostly working on, in addition to teaching, meeting with coachees, and setting up PDs.

Here are some notes from my 10/19 meeting with coachees last week: 20161019_161559

Even though I enjoyed presenting and loved the whole Tech Fest, I must now shift gears and move full steam ahead to the next project, Step Up to Writing. I will be running a workshop with teachers who missed the summer session and I have never run a Step Up to Writing training. In fact, I think I attended one back in 2009 or so. I do remember it being transformative! I will be researching strategies and organization in the coming weeks.

As for teaching my own classes, I am trying to manage all the teaching details. I have not been entering infractions into our discipline system but we were told at our department meeting that we should be doing this. I am concerned about finding time to enter all of them since the beginning of the year.

Another issue is that I did not have my students submit their reading journals on our LMS so I am going to have to grade them all on Google instead. I should stick with one way of distributing and collecting work.

Finally, I am backlogged on everything (as you may have noticed since the beginning of this post.) I need to manage my time to be able to enter all of my coaching contacts, respond to email in an efficient manner, and keep organized notes.

But I am keeping my eyes on the prize and remembering that I am making a difference in the world, and I help support others who have the same goal. We are educators shaping the future, and it’s worth all of this to accomplish that worthy goal.



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