Still Flying High – October 13, 2016

untitledI haven’t been blogging for eight days, and even that post was quite scarce. However, I am sharing an update with you today…I have finally completed my first booklet for Tech Fest!

As you may know, I have been working on these three presentations for several weeks now and I absolutely love this type of work. It has engaged me for several weeks at work, and I also continue working on it at home as well. My own children are helping me and they even get motivated when they see what I’m doing. Yesterday, they were trying out Sketch Note programs! If three kids ages 8 and under can be engaged in Sketch Notes, I would think anyone can. So, my apologies if you were looking for teaching tips or assistance, however, feel free to message me here, via email, or on Twitter (@coachcollins951) if you need something.

And here is a link to my first completed booklet for Tech Fest! Tech Fest – Animation I will post more as I complete them.

Finally, here is another list of the sessions I am scheduled to present:

Session 1: Illustrations and Imagination in the Classroom
Session 2: Drawing Conclusions – Digital Sketch-Noting for Learning Across the Curriculum
Session 3: Animation for Anyone – Introduction to Digital Animation in the Classroom

Hope to see you there!


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