Project-Based Learning -September 7, 2016

Today I started fleshing out a plan for a project-based learning assignment.

I researched about PBL and found some key elements that all PBL units contain. I set up a template and started filling it in. The possibilities are endless, so the challenge really lies in choosing a path and giving students the right balance of independence and structure.

So, I decided to ask my students for their ideas. I created a Padlet to collect their answers here: Project-Based Learning Padlet. I included my ideas for themes and the standards they will need to meet, but would like to see where their imaginations lead them. I am excited to see what they add tomorrow.

The other thing I found necessary was an example. I created a WikiProject on the idea of “Animal Personhood,” a controversial proposal that animals should have the same rights as humans. Personally, I am biased against it because bacon is delicious, but I tried to be objective nonetheless. If you don’t have a Haiku account, you won’t be able to see my Wiki, but here is a screenshot:

The question is a the top – whether animal personhood is right or wrong. This connects to the current tentative essential question of “What is ‘right’ and ‘wrong?'” The left column has the titles of each page of the project: What is the idea, what are some relevant issues, what are argument in favor and against, and what is the conclusion. I took time to research the issue and find resources as well as arguments and related topics that I will use to demonstrate. I hope this will be a good format for the project, but the students will tell me if they don’t like it!

Next up will be to create the rubric. It’s actually pretty fun!


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