We Want to Get Up and Do Stuff – September 6, 2016

Our Class Meeting on Friday revealed two insights for me:

1. Students still did not understand elements of our current unit, specifically how ethos, logos, and pathos related to argumentative writing and the difference between them.

2. Students hated sitting at their desks, in the same groups, not getting to know anyone else in the class. One student suggested “getting up and doing stuff,” something more active that solidified their learning, allowed them to meet others in the class, and got them a little more active.

I am loving our class meetings, though one of my classes is having some trouble voicing their opinions. I may try something else as an incentive, such as a talking-ticket system where they do not get credit for participating if they do not turn in a ticket.

I was able to adjust my lesson today to spend an additional day focusing on the rhetorical devices of ethos, logos, and pathos. We matched up cards – one partner had ethos, logos, or pathos, and the other had an example of one of the devices.

Here they are, looking like they are having fun and learning. I appreciated the idea from the class meeting, and that they are willing to make suggestions and share their concerns with me. I am going to try not to be defensive and just listen, but it will probably take some time.



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