Power Tricks – September 1, 2016

antigone pathos meme

Today I spent some time creating a professional-looking reading journal by using Powerpoint to create the headers and illustrate the prompts. See it here: PowerPoint Reading Journal. Powerpoint has more user-friendly features than Google Slides to me, and there are tasks I just can’t complete in Google Slides that are easy and second nature to me in PowerPoint.

If you create slides in Powerpoint, you can screenshot them and crop them in Paint. I saved them as images that I then inserted into a Google Doc so students can always access their journals in their Google Drive.

Did you know that you can also save a document created in PowerPoint as a PDF? This creates a full-color professionally-appealing document that can be used as brochures, booklets, or anything you can think of that needs a little more design appeal than plain old Word can offer.

I was looking for a program similar to Microsoft Publisher on Google’s offerings but was unable to locate anything. Is anyone familiar with any programs like this?

I also created a new assignment where students create memes to illustrate characters’ arguments from Antigone. I was able to use all of my experience as a Units of Study writer to craft a rubric to accompany it.  Please click here for the assignment sheet: Performance Task 2 Meme

I hope this gives you some ideas you may be able to use in your classroom!


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