QR Code Crazy! – August 31, 2016

sampleAbove: QR Code that links to QRStuff.com, which provides free, permanent, ad-free QR Codes.

How many teachers out there have been hit with a bolt of classroom inspiration when they say, “I can’t make copies so…?”

Last night was Back to School night and I created this awesome resource sheet for parents to access all of our relevant sites and information: Useful Links for Mrs Collins’ Class

But then I realized that the office closed at 3:30 (It was 3:40 or so when I finished) and even though I chose to stay until Back to School night started at 6:00, the office staff was not as ambitious to have such a long day at work.

So, I did what many teachers do when they consider their options once copying is out of the question; I improvised. I put the useful links resource sheet onto a Google Doc and changed the permissions so anyone could view it. I then used a free QR Code generator (I chose the quick, easy, and free QR Me) and created a QR Code for the entire night – including the PowerPoint presentation in its entirety! I then placed the QR Code Presentation on my classroom door, my sign-in sheet, and on each table group. I even had a QR scavenger hunt at the end (Fast to make at one of my favorite sites: Class Tools) to see if they were listening and gave a prize to the first person to get all 5 answers right.

QR Codes saved the day, and I didn’t even know that QR Codes do not need to be attached to a live internet site; they are actually text files and can be used while offline as well!

Have you used QR Codes in your classroom? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


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