Directions for Stuff – August 16, 2016

Today, I thought I would compile all of the screenshot direction sheets I have collected for various teachers on multiple topics.

GAFE Questions:

1. How to add images to Google Sheets:insert images sheets

2. From a colleague: Creating Shared Folders for Students in Google Drive

3. A handout I made on Logging into Google Drive

4. Directions for changing sharing permissions in Google Apps:

Here are some screenshots that show how to change the sharing permissions in Google Apps such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.

1-Click on “Share.”1

2 – Change the sharing permissions by selecting from the pull-down menu.

23 – You can also share a document by giving students a link and change the sharing settings from there.

34 – You can change who can access the link and how you share here.



5. Directions for Google Groups: (Cut and pasted from an email I sent)

Hello All!

I was surprised to receive all the emails responding to my test post to Google Groups. I initially thought it was more of a message board and didn’t think anyone would see it unless they actually went to the page. Well, it’s not… Apparently, it organizes groups of email addresses into specific topics. I apologize for sending these to everyone if you are not interested, but to those who replied, thank you so much for taking time to do so while on your break!

I learned about Google Groups while completing an online module for Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and was trying to figure it out.

So, I think that if you post in the “PHS – User Group – Teachers,” all PHS teachers are notified that you have posted in the group. I can see some great opportunities for us al to communicate through this service, or even creating specific groups for different grade levels, subject areas, clubs, etc.

You can access Google Groups by going to <> while logged into your JUSD Google Account, or by selecting Google Groups from the choices in the “waffle” icon while in a Google Chrome browser.

Once you reach the Google Groups homepage, you will see the groups you already belong to (“My Groups”) and an icon to “Browse All,” which will take you to a number of different Google Groups available to join.


When you go into “My Groups,” you will have options to choose which type of organizational account you would like to access. I believe the default is the <> organization view, which looks like this: (I sent the message to you all from the <> organization view to the group “PHS – User Group – Teachers.”)


Then you can switch the organizational view to <> which looks like this:


There is also an option to view “Public Groups” which you belong to outside of the district: (I joined the particular group pictured in the image; your screen will show which groups, if any, you have personally joined.)


So, I hope this was helpful. I look forward to seeing teachers using Google Groups and other GAFE to communicate and collaborate. I wish you a happy Independence Day and a relaxing rest of the summer!


Haiku Questions:

1. A handout I made on CreatingaHaikuMasterClass

2. Information on sending messages to students in Haiku: You can send a message to “all students” or specific students by going to “Messages” > “Inbox” > “Write” and clicking on the “To:” box. This should automatically give you several choices of recipients:

send message

You can also use the “Announcements” feature to make an announcement to the whole class.

3. Question: Can I organize my Haiku Inbox to categorize assignments?

My answer: According to Haiku, they are planning to implement this feature in the future. (

To organize assignments for easy student access, you may want to organize your content into sections:

6Unfortunately, this does not resolve the problem with your cluttered inbox. Hopefully, Haiku’s solution will be released soon.

4. Adding a block with an assignment to your Haiku page:

You can create a “content block” specifically for an assignment, but you need to click on a different tab. Here’s how to do it:

First, go to the class page you want the content added to:


Then click on the “+Add Content Block” button.


Then select the  “Messages & Activities” tab (not the content tab.)


And finally, select “Assignments” and then add the information.


The students might have the assignment we created in their “Dropbox” on Haiku, but I don’t know if the way we set up the assignment allows them to view the announcement that there is an assignment.

The advantage to setting the content block to an “assignment” block is that you can now copy and paste the entire assignment, including the dropbox, to the other classes as well. I hope I have not confused you any more.


Well that’s it for now, folks. I hope you found something you can use in your class.

Coach Collins


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