I’m Baaaaack! August 4, 2016

I returned to work on Monday, August 1. I worked in my room Monday and Tuesday, and we had an all coaches meeting at Sizzler (YUM) as well. The last two days we have been training on aligning standards to the new textbooks at middle school. Today, they focused specifically on ELD standards for second-language English learners.

Over the past year, my blog has been evolving. At first, I simply wanted to account for my time and where I was for the day. I have tried many changes: creating titles for the entries rather than dates, posting all the resources I used or created and tips on implementing them, and adding value to readers with insights and thoughts rather than a simple narrative of what I did that day.

So, this year, I would like to transform this blog into a resource for teachers. I hope to post on a topic and offer research and resources for implementing the ideas in class. I would like to move away from a personal account of my day and shift towards offering usable ideas for teachers. At least, that is the goal! 🙂


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