On Fire! – May 26, 2016

Love, love, love this job! I got to work on Summer Jam stuff – In Google Slides, I am creating an ebook out of my Google Doc. I learned it from Ditch That Textbook and I’m so excited because I can use it to make a PDF to hand out and present it as a slideshow. So many awesome things to learn!

I got to help students today – one os preparing for the ASVAB and one is behind in her classwork. The kids have been so good because they have “Student Choice Days” this week and next. I have heard other teachers complaining about their kids’ end-of-year misbehavior and outrageous shenanigans, pranks, and malicious behavior — across grade levels and schools — but my kids are busy working on their projects or other choices I gave them.

I am definitely NOT a classroom management pro (Let’s just say it’s not my strongest point); I was just astoundingly and inexplicably blessed with the students in my classes this year. They were some of the most personable, respectful, well-mannered, and enthusiastic kids I ever had the pleasure to teach. And this was a hard year to adjust…I was out over 30 days for trainings and conferences. Thank God for wonderful students like mine who make the world a better place. Love them!

Tomorrow I have some resources to share regarding social studies. Please tune in again tomorrow!


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