Melancholy – May 27, 2016


Well, I am finished with my Summer Jam handout. Check out the entire document at: Online Grading. The whole thing has a diamond plate background!

Today I am meeting with a teacher after school to discuss ways to implement Chromebooks. He had some specific questions that I published in an earlier blog, with his name removed, of course.

I’m thrilled to be an Instructional Coach again next year. This year went by too fast, which is why I am calling this post “melancholy,” because time flies when you are having fun. Why can’t time fly when you are bored so that you can enjoy the moments of fun? Some of the kids I had in my classes several years ago are now graduating and saying goodbye and telling me such kind words.

I am so sad to see them go. I know I will have more amazing kids again next year, but each one is so special to me. They are such unique individuals and getting to know their personalities makes it especially bittersweet when they graduate. It is almost like sending your own children off into the “real world.” I should be used to it – it happens every year.

But there is something lost when they leave high school…is it the end of their innocence? The wake-up call of adult life and responsibility? The fear that I will never see some of them again? Will they be careful? Will they be taken advantage of? Will they be harmed? I suppose we must believe that we did our best in preparing them for their future, but I always wish I could be there next to them, guiding them out of precarious situations and speaking sense into them when they go off on a whim. Dear graduates, we will miss you and we love you deeply. We wish only the best for you.




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