Happily Busy – May 24, 2016

Monday was my grading day, so no post, but today was awesome!

Got lots of pics to share and exciting stories to tell:

First of all, we had a surprise reception for our principal, who got promoted to a district-level position. The students were released 10 minutes early and admin approved extending lunch 10 minutes later. The students lined up in two parallel lines and flanked the “red carpet” with posters. Ms. Pace, our principal, walked regally down the lines accepting red roses and a showering of love and support. Ms. Podgorski organized the entire huge event with the help of students and other teachers. It was an amazing send-off with music and song to an exceptional principal.

ms pace posters

Another wonderful event was that the butterflies were emerging and would be released into the community garden:

So beautiful and inspiring, and what a great metaphor for the transitions we all go through from one school year to the next.

After these incredible events, we did get a scare when I was talking to the deputy at lunch. He received an emergency call about one of our high schools. The dispatcher did not provide a police code. I asked if it could be a fight, and he said the dispatcher would say “10-10” or “fight in progress.” We were waiting to see what was going on to see if he would need to hop into his cruiser and run over when I had the idea to check Twitter.

I entered the name of the school in the search bar and videos filmed within the last minute appeared instantly. Students posted the videos online and we were able to see what was happening before some of the officers were even informed! Students just don’t seem to realize the power of social media.

The fact that there was even a big fight at the school signals that something is going on. Many teachers have shared with me their frustration over having to go through all the steps of PBIS. PBIS has decreased the number of suspensions for students of color, which is a laudable goal, but it has also caused many teachers to find quicker, easier means of dealing with misbehavior without involving the office. Good for the office because now teachers are taking care of discipline on their own, but at the same time, teachers are taking care of discipline on their own and many seem to be increasingly resentful of the bureaucratic red tape that record-keeping now requires.

Another item I would like to share is how I have been working with HS teachers – see notes below for upcoming meetings and presentations:

  • Here is a handout I created with my Classroom Discipline Tips – I admit I am not an expert, but these are the best tips that worked for me. Feel free to use if you wish.
  • Here is a handout I am working on for a history lesson planning session:Digital Transitions 
  • And, finally, here is the Summer Jam handout I’ve been working on – modifying, changing, adding to it…and it’s still not complete. Check here for progress…Online Grading Resources

Other ideas I might write about later: Summer Jam video ideas, continuing professionalism blog topics, discipline points to research, the T.A. with the district, office politics, digital citizenship, the ASVAB, student speaking and listening presentations, and more!

In the meantime, here’s a selfie from this week!


purple celina


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