Uncertain – May 16, 2016

23683983725_d022fd1412Photo Credit: philwarren via Compfight cc

I’m almost done with another article about whether schools teaching “grit” is racist. However, I realized that nearly anything I write will be viewed skeptically if I attempt to address the concept of race. I do not want to cause offense to anyone or have my words misunderstood. I do not want to be judged for a personal opinion communicated at work nor do I want any controversy to come to my employer. It was ultimately my uncertainty regarding the issue of how it might be perceived that led me to decide not to publish it.

The main idea of the article was, “what is racism?” and “what is race?” Although these are important ideas to examine in the field of education, there is little one can say about these ideas without appearing to take one side or another. And due to each person’s unique perspective rooted in his or her own experience in the world confined to a particular place, time, body, and perception, it would likely be difficult to address the issue without impartiality.

So I wrote for several hours today about this topic but ultimately decided that it was too controversial. (However, I do have it available for viewing on my Google Drive if my employer is interested for accountability purposes.) Additionally, I found resources about using tech to teach character traits and other readings on tech for English for a colleague, contacted coachees regarding final meetings of the year, asked about the presentation on Friday at the Digital Gateway training, did some formatting on my Summer Jam presentation resource packet, more research on grit, and lesson planning for my sub tomorrow. Hope you have a great Monday!


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