Chill – April 29, 2016


Today was a wonderful work day! We had Genius Hour in my classes then I rushed over to my videorecorded evaluation. (Who actually likes seeing themselves on video? UGH.) My trainer and my boss sat with me as we went through all the questions then deconstructed the video. I actually ended up staying an hour longer than the session time. I truly enjoy conversations about ideas with creative thinkers! All teacher evaluations should be this instructive and low-stress.

I raced back to campus for our staff BBQ, the food from which was DELICIOUS. Only some can perfectly grill a burger with a tender center but firm and slightly smoky on the outside. This is a special gift that the Grillmasters at my school site generously shared with the world. Thank you to Ally who arranged the whole party, and for securing raffle prizes because I won an AWESOME Contigo water bottle. These things are amazing, and also expensive. It matches the coffee mug I got for my birthday last year!

Aftef the BBQ, I headed back to my room because I was starting to get a sunburn. There I continued my work on the Step Up to Writing intro packet I had started earlied this week. I think I’m ready for feedback on my draft. The first link is to the information:, the second link is the appendix of resources: Feedback is appreciated!

I also started drafting my presentation for the Monday PD on WikiProjects, which you can preview here: and let me know what you think:

Thank you for reading!



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