Organizing – April 25, 2016

Mediterranean Harbor SceneMediterranean Harbor Scene by Pierre-Jacques Volaire c. 1763: When you love what you do!

Much of the fuss at the end of the year occurs because of the mess that accumulates during the year. I have been busy reducing and organizing this mess on my desk and multiple computers. Currently my work computer does not have enough memory to process deleting items, so I’m kind of in a Catch-22. I may have to transfer files to a flash drive and delete them. We will see.

Today we did a Smarter Balanced performance task lesson in class to prepare students for their performance task tomorrow. So much testing! These students are simply exhausted. The testing disrupts the schedule, interferes with learning, and does not provide meaningful feedback for instruction.

I dream of a world where students are free to learn what they want and evaluate themselves on their progress. In a way, that is kind of what I do every day at my job, and it motivates me to work harder to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. I actually work longer and more productively when I don’t have someone directing my every move or evaluating my performance. I enjoy work more this way and engage more fully. I am excited about what I do, and follow my own interests in the field of education.

Of course I have tasks I must complete, meetings to attend, and paperwork to do, but those are part of the price one must pay to have freedom to explore areas of interest. I enjoy creating resources from the online research I do, planning professional development opportunities, applying my learning to daily situations.

In fact, it is because I am supposed to be doing independent research reading that I know what the trends in education are today. Many of my colleagues are not aware of the changes expected in a 21st century classroom, but I have had the honor of not only becoming aware of these changes, but being able to implement them and test them out far in advance of any requirement or expectation to do so. My learning can inform the learning of others, and indeed, I enjoy challenging teachers to think ahead and consider what skills our students will need that we were never instructed about. I am so interested in finding every infographic, every chart, every article, every quotation that I can pass along, and I love being given the time to do this. I think this job was made just for me, and I have never been so happy and fulfilled at work!


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