Inspired! – April 22, 2016

watercolor boy

Photo Credit: Cubmundo via Compfight cc

Today was Earth Day as well as my students’ Genius Hour where they pursue a project they create themselves. I love watching them learning something they want to learn about. I streamlined their requirements, too. They no longer have to complete a reflection and blog post; they will just write about their learning on their blogs. Even I couldn’t articulate what they had to do on each component, so I just scrapped the reflection. I know students must reflect on their learning, but they can do this while they are communicating what they worked on during class on their blogs.

After class, I had the honor of meeting with some educators from Hawaii who visited to observe and learn more about our coaching program and units of study. I hope they liked what they saw and will be able to incorporate some elements of our program into their district plans. And hopefully, they will ask us to visit them to observe!!!

I then got to catch up on my work at the Ed Center and begin the rough road to organizing everything as we wrap up the school year. I will be writing on this topic on Monday as I will be dedicating a significant amount of time to this then. Have a wonderful weekend. Mahala!




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