Melancholy – March 25, 2016

Today I was feeling slightly melancholy because it was the last day before Spring Break. My brother returned to L.A. and we won’t see him till next week.

I’m  little stressed because I am trying to wrap up all the loose ends so I am prepared when we get back from break: I needed to make copies of the ERWC unit and set up a time to return/check out library books.

I am also trying to plan the PD for next month, which is difficult because of the multiple levels of expertise and dofferent styles of lesson planning, as well as all subject areas. This is still my first year and I’m not totally confident yet in my PD ability, though I have had 3 so far so I should be getting the hang of it.

But mostly, I love my job and my students and I miss them terribly when I am away. Our family doesn’t have tons of extra money to buy cool stuff like the ginormous playground set at Costco or a pool or a trampoline. We also don’t go on vacations, cruises, or trips. So being at home is hard for me because the family always wants to do things and I have to say no to just about everything.

I make a decent salary, so I honestly don’t know how people can afford living in Southern California. We go to the park, the beach, window shopping, for walks, but everything else is so expensive. It’s stressful, but I am waiting for some long lost rich relative to bequeath me his or her estate, so I’ve got that. Anyway, happy Spring Break! Be back on April 4th. 😎😎😎


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