Loved – March 24, 2016

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I am feeling loved, not just because my brother showed up for Career Day at my school, but also because of my students. They were so receptive and warm to him and also showed their kindness and appreciation to me.

I love that I got to go have lunch with my bro in Downtown Riverside by the Mission Inn and had the chance to talk about students’ options in the film industry. He loves me and the young people who have a passion for the film industry, and he was willing to provide them with opportunities to connect to him so they have a genuine contact and mentor on the inside in Hollywood.

I was so proud of those students who had the courage to approach him and ask questions about the process of becoming a Director of Photography in the film industry. I was so impressed that he was willing to give out his information and personally discuss their options further. I am so happy that our students were so respectful and considerate, and pleased at my brother’s presentations. We had a packed house for all three sessions – standing room only and I actually had to turn some students away.

My brother spoke about all of the opportunities in Hollywood and told them about their unique position of being close enough to Los Angeles to be able to commute into work. He talked about a wide range of careers and actually suggested ways to get into the industry immediately. He discussed the importance of working hard and following directions and gave them lots of hope about the opportunities for promotion.

I also appreciated that he emphasized the value of trust and reputation to show them that they really must be wise about how they present themselves. He encouraged them to start now at whatever they want to do – hair and makeup, storyboard artistry, writing, filming, etc. – so that they can make their mistakes now before there is too much at stake. He discussed how you have to get outside of your comfort zone, network, hand out business cards, and promote yourself in order to put yourself in people’s minds. Wise words from my brother!

As you can probably see, I love my job; it’s an incredible dream job exactly suited to my strengths, personality type, and preferences. I love that I can be with students that I adore in the morning and then go to the Ed Center and catch up on my work there. I love connecting with professional educators online at LinkedIn and Twitter, and all the phenomenal ideas I get from them, other coaches, other colleagues, and the wonderful coachees we have the distinct honor of interacting with regularly. And I love that my bro came to my job – the best of both worlds!



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