Busy – March 9, 2016

I feel like I never stopped working. Even at lunch and after school, I was just so busy catching up from yesterday’s absence that I worked until it was time to leave!

I had to type up the directions for the 10th graders’ project on digital storytelling, as I gave all the directions verbally and a coworker wanted a copy (!)

I had to enter grades for my 11th graders’ TED-style Talk assignment. Some of the kids were eagerly awaiting their grades to be entered and I wasn’t going to get around to them for a few days but they convinced me that it was urgent.

I had to wrangle up a restorative justice-type assignment (Close read of a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 3/16/15 article by Joyce E.A. Russell in the Washington Post) to teach the same class of 11th graders about why we need to have “soft skills” in this world (i.e., do your work and keep volume at an acceptable level, follow directions, and don’t be disrespectful to the sub/leave papers all over the floor) and then I had them do a self-evaluation of their own soft skills (as demonstrated on 3/8 with the sub.) I was surprised that such an assignment did spark self-reflection and all the kids who were off-task admitted their transgressions!

The rest of the day, I contemplated my 3 years on Units of Study and considered feedback from my team members about whether I should continue or not. It was great to read about their concerns as well, and receive their encouragement.

I also graded all the work from yesterday and today, caught up on LOTS of email, set up a schedule for necessary subs for my upcoming absences, typed up my questions on a Google Slide for the #JUSDshares Twitter Chat next week, caught up on notifications, replied to questions, freed up some storage space by deleting a bunch of stuff from my mailbox/files, met with students after school to assist with topics for research projects and talk about their plans for the future, and spoke with a colleague about an upcoming lesson for 11th grade! WHEW! Now, I will have to be here early at 7:00 am tomorrow to move my Chromebook carts over for the staff training!




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