Experimental – March 7, 2016

Experimental is my word for today as I was trying to set up a “BLAB,” on http://www.blam.im , a website for live chatting with people around the world. Here is what I accomplished: Coach Collins’ Blab . I’m not sure how the site works as I can’t seem to find my “BLABS,” or search by keyword.

My students were also experimenting today: 10th grade was trying to use different sites and resources to create movies. They had technical problems and questions about things like file types and screencasting, but they got a hang of it pretty well. One group is already done. We will have a movie premiere where they get to present their narratives and I am allowing them to bring popcorn, candy, soda, etc. I wonder if we should also have an Oscars ceremony, maybe in the theater? Probably not…we need to get to the research unit soon.

Eleventh grade was experimenting with college and career choices on the Career Cruising Website. They were engaged in the whole process, so they didn’t need me for anything. Good, and bad! I was happy to be able to grade their recorded speeches from last week, but sad that they didn’t need me. Well, I guess will all need to get over this feeling as teachers due to the focus on student-centered learning environments!

Next, I will head out to the Ed Center and complete my work for the day there, probably by working on the collaborative conversation training for the BLTs next Friday. The power outage at my house this morning and the constant downpour of rain will not get me down! Happy Monday!




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