Fast – March 4, 2016

Fast. It’s what happens when you love the work you are doing so much that the day speeds by you in a blink!

First, I was driving to work, freestyle rapping on my phone (’cause that’s what I do!), and all of a sudden I’m driving home thinking about how to set up a coaching channel and what I could talk about.

I recorded a VSA animation that I posted to YouTube on the topic of using evidence in writing. It took me almost an hour to record 44 seconds! Fortunately, I didn’t have to go through all the work I read you have to do in order to record them because I accidentally found a shortcut.

Here’s what happened: I had recorded the first part of the video yesterday and could not finish because the battery ran out in the middle. This morning, I left the cable in my car that is used for uploading video from a camera. So, I improvised. I had my iPad and was trying to install iMovie but found out it cost REAL MONEY and didn’t want to pay for anything. So, since I couldn’t use the recording on my camera today, I started over on the iPad. As I began, I noticed the “time-lapse” option on the video recording screen. I tried it then uploaded the videos to YouTube and combined them into one video. Much easier than any other process I’ve read about.

After that, I went to the Ed Center and worked with my boss on coming up with an outline for a PD I may have to present alone to 80 people. Aaaaaaah! But, it’s Friday, so everything is all good!


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