Energized – March 2, 2016

I am feeling energized today after assisting three classes of students with Chromebook basics. Normally I teach two classes and then coach the rest of the day. My regular schedule allows me to complete tasks at my own pace and take my hour lunch, so I sometimes forget how difficult and tiring it can be to have five or six classes to teach (and plan, and grade, etc.) The days when teachers bring their classes to me helps me to appreciate how much work teachers are doing every day, keeping pace with their students, knowing them, their abilities, and their interests.  That’s a lot of kids to keep track of!

Another reason for my energy is the great job the students continue to do on their TED-style Talks and Narrative Movies. I’m so impressed with the creativity and courage of the students. Getting on a stage in front of other people – particularly teenage peers who can be infamously cruel and unforgiving – is one of the most difficult things in life. But the students are handling it with apparent ease and grace. Some of them stumble and forget what they were going to say (I coach them from the side), and they say “like” or “umm” too much, but they are beginners! Many people would not even get up on the stage!

Finally, I am energized by SKETCHNOTING, that I will discuss later.


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