Excited – March 1, 2016

I am excited today about my students’ success in their TED-style talks in the theater and the possibilities of implementing technology into classes across the district.

However, I have been spending most of my time lately on trying out different apps, extensions, and websites, and not thinking about how to incorporate those resources into lessons that are standards-aligned.

Here are some of the things I did to try out these resources:

  1. Here is my silly YouTube video about common core that I recorded yesterday, trying out WeVideo with my webcam:

2. Here is a Pod-O-Matic podcast about Close Reading: Coach Collins Podcast

3.  Here is the JUSD Coaches’ Channel where I shared my students’ TED-style Talks:
JUSD Coaches’ Channel on YouTube (This was not an app; I was practicing uploading video from my camera)

4. The above link also contains my practice screencasts on Kahoot!, Padlet, and Adding Extensions on Google Chrome which I recorded with Screencastify.

I started creating a (currently disorganized) Powerpoint about better incorporating technology because I did some professional reading today about teaching pedagogy and how to implement tech while paying attention to the craft and structure of teaching. Here is the raw material:


So, I’ve been busy but there is so much more to know and learn. I saw this on Twitter yesterday and transcribed the apps so that I could check more out tomorrow:

iste-posters-001 ipad apps

Overall, I would say I am in the collecting phase of technology integration. As I noted previously, I really would like to shift my focus to HOW to use technology, not just what tech is out there.




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