Impressed – February 29, 2016

My word summarizing work today is “impressed.” My tenth graders were fully engaged on their Chromebooks creating storyboards and camera directions for their narrative movies, and I was just hanging around to help them. I rarely see entire classes of students all working diligently on their assignments.

I also saw magic happen today (well, first I had to offer 100 points extra credit for motivation, but that’s all right.) This magic was the beautiful, professional presentations given by three of my 11th grade students as their TED Talk. The custodians did a great job of setting up the theater for an authentic-looking simulation of a TED Talk. Kudos to everyone involved!

Another impressive thing about today was trying several webcam and movie-making programs on the computer. Maybe the district computers do not have Quick Time or Movie Maker installed on them, or maybe I couldn’t find them. (I couldn’t even find a program to turn on the webcam. I have embraced my “oldness” and shamelessly search online for answers to basic questions like this.) So, after unsuccessfully testing a few programs, I finally found Wevideo which had the features I wanted, was free, and uploaded to YouTube.

I will have to do my Podcast test another day, but I’m happy with all that was accomplished today!

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