February 25, 2016

Straight up: I am burned out on technology today. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I have been visiting site after site, trying out new tech and resources and so many are redundant or require a paid subscription or are too difficult to use. Some are good but have a feature that serves as a deal-breaker. Our learning platform, for example, is not compatible with our grading program so we must enter our grades on a different site. Symbaloo, my go-to site full of categorized and visually appealing bookmarks, does not have a function to back up all the bookmarks. I started cataloging all of the pages in a separate document today but it was just too tiring.

I tried to make a movie today and it frustrated me so much. I couldn’t upload the videos from my phone that I was going to cut and assemble, so I thought maybe it was because my phone is logged into my personal account. So I switched my account over, logging in with my district account, and they still didn’t upload. Now I’m not sure I can remember the password for my personal account and I’m afraid all my family photos are going to auto-backup onto my school Google drive. So frustrating. Why can’t everything be seamless and smooth. Come on, Google, you need to buy every other site and make everything work together.

I got to try out Pod-O-Matic: My first attempt at a podcast recording and was a little more successful, but I’m not sure how to combine and layer sounds to make a professional-sounding podcast. I made the file in my car by playing a CD in the background and then manually turning it down while I spoke. LOL! Talk about low-tech. I like the idea of having students create. Creating a podcast would require a lot of work, but if students were motivated to complete it, there is so much potential.

So, today I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities out there. I am trying to test out so many resources and I would like to think of high-level Bloom’s and SAMR tasks to promote higher learning while emphasizing PEDAGOGY. I’m feeling a bit challenged today, which can be a good thing. But, boy, do I have a headache!




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