February 24, 2016

A very special thank you to the classes who visited my room today to work on their Wiki projects with their teacher. What a well-behaved, respectful, and positive group to work with. And only two students forgot to plug in the Chromebooks.

I love working with teachers and students, and I hope more will sign up. I love recording what teachers are considering for lesson ideas (and stealing them) and watching while they figure out the problems for themselves. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have benefited personally from instructional coaching with my district supervisor as well as my principal. Their patience and questioning led me to make connections and brought me to multiple epiphanies throughout the sessions we have engaged in together. I am just a newbie to this coaching thing, but I think it has tremendous potential to reinvigorate and renew the educational system in America. I am so glad to be a part of the groundbreaking and transformative work being done in the coaching program. Now, to get more people involved!


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