February 19, 2016

Today I worked with YouTube Chopper and Animoto to try to create videos. I would like my students to end the explanatory unit with a TED-type talk. I was thinking of calling it
TED-145 (My classroom) and recording them on the stage in the theater. The video production has proved more difficult than I expected. Surely there are more capable technologically-inclined teachers who can easily do this, but I decided to explore this on my own (bad idea). Here is the result of my efforts: My Animoto Test (sigh) All that work and not much to show.

I then tried to add an app from the Google App store, but apps are apparently disabled by the network administrator. They tell you that afterwards…and then, finally, I remembered that Google Chrome has extensions. I had to Google extensions that make movies, then I had to Google how to add an extension. Then I had to Google how to open an extension. I finally installed Magisto and am waiting for my movie to produce. Two odd things to note: the app opens the Windows Explorer browser, even though it is a Google App, and it emails you when the movie is ready. Not good for students with our district accounts that have Gmail disabled. I will see if it works for me because I have a teacher district email.

Update: 12:41 – the movie works and it did email my district account. I did not have to go through my email, so the students may be able to access their videos without going through email. It’s pretty cool with overlay graphics and a mashup of photos and videos as well as a music soundtrack. I can’t share it publicly as students’ faces are visible, but I will show it to you if you ask me. I will use it again!



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