February 10, 2016

My students did awesome today! We worked on Chromebooks today and they were mostly engaged and interested.

Tenth grade used Google Docs to work collaboratively on a story for the narrative unit.

Eleventh grade worked in groups to research a topic related to the Great Gatsby and had to create a minimum 3-slide Google Slide presentation for our informational/expository unit.

I did a video recording of the class, however, and realized that the students weren’t working unless I was standing next to them. One possible solution I might try is to limit the time available for them to work.

Met with Jose Ramirez, got lots of questions!

Did my PD after school today called “Students Love Collaborative Conversations” and felt like all the teachers were looking at me like this:






Did they not hear my jokes because I have a sore throat?
Were they tired because it was the end of the day in the middle of the week?
Was I just not funny? Couldn’t be that…

I thought it went really well but the reviews weren’t great. The tech was an issue – the timers in the PowerPoint didn’t work, the volume was too loud, and then too low, and I had to go over to the computer to fix it.

They didn’t seem to be learning anything new, so maybe I chose the wrong strategies to have them try. They got up and participated, but didn’t seem very enthusiastic. I wanted to walk out in the middle.

Since I am oversharing anyway, can I share another personal thought? I recorded the PD and couldn’t get over how heavy I looked. If you are a coach, this might be a concern you deal with. The whole time I watched the video, I was distracted by my appearance. Maybe next time, I will not record myself in the video. Or I suppose I could lose weight…

One of my prior coachees attended the PD and wanted some help with fine-tuning a lesson, so this is what we worked on together:

coaching on the fly 2.10.16


I stayed after my contract day to clean up the refreshments and prepare for the sub tomorrow, but it was a relaxing time to decompress.



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