February 2, 2016

Today is a busy day, but so exciting! I hosted our instructional coaching trainer, my boss, and a handful of coaches in my classroom today. Of course, everything went wrong:
1. Some kids couldn’t log into their Chromebooks
2. The bookmarks were missing on some browsers
3. A few kids couldn’t connect to the Internet
4. The image with the warm-up on it wouldn’t load
5. The document they needed for the work would not download
6. The indicator light shortcut was missing from about half the computers
7. I forgot to review the homework
And finally, the biggest FAIL of all, #8. The two teachers making copies during first period were obviously preparing for the rest of the SEMESTER so, after waiting almost 10 minutes, I couldn’t make copies and get to class on time.

Instead, I posted the organizer we were using online to our learning platform and had the students use Google Docs to answer the questions. It was good practice for using split-screens and attempting to submit an assignment through Google Drive. I don’t know how obvious my mistake was, but hopefully it wasn’t…

Today I will also be hosting two classes in my room to help them learn how to use Chromebooks, and am excited to meet some new students and help them (and maybe their teacher) use technology.

Also, I will be meeting with my coachee after school to do a reflection conversation about his lesson on inference.

Well, gotta finish the lesson plan for the next week!

Hours: 7:30 am –




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