January 21, 2016


Today I used the Chromebooks with my students for the first time and their eyes LIT UP with excitement. They enjoyed perusing the device and exploring all of its features. I am so pleased to have been selected for this awesome experience and am certain that technology has the opportunity to change education for good, ensuring that the “digital divide” and achievement gap are both remediated. I am glad that students will be learning on the type of device that many will need proficiency on in the workplace or higher educational establishment.

I have two concerns, though. First, there are so many resources available, I am having trouble just starting. I already set up my learning platform, which we have through Haiku Learning. It’s easy enough to navigate and add items, but a lot of work to start. Once I get the hang of it, I think it will be much easier. After all, I was able to transition to a computer gradebook after using a paper one! I just want to make sure that the online resources I use are valuable and effective and who has the time to explore everything???

Secondly, I don’t want to just duplicate tasks we would be doing in class on pen and paper. I want to ensure that the experience is immersive and interactive, and that it truly draws on the power of such an expansive tool. It’s difficult just planning a unit on paper, it’s a herculean task when planning fun, unique, and differentiated learning experiences on a computer.

Tasks completed today:

Data Team Meeting



Email: read and replied

Worked on Haiku site, navigating and adding information and resources

Entered grades for first five assignments of semester, 10th and 11th grade

Hours: 7:15 am – 3:15 pm



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