January 14, 2016

Reflection: Yesterday we had a wonderful Chromebook training. I had the opportunity to learn all about the Chromebook devices and was able to begin setting up my classroom on Haiku, our digital learning platform.

haiku page

I also adjusted my Symbaloo Page to include more relevant links for the students to access, and attempted to add it to my Haiku page: My Symbaloo Unfortunately, I was unable to add it from the Chromebook, so I will need to work more on this.

I am excited, challenged, and daunted by the task ahead of me. I like the idea of a (mostly) paperless classroom, but I am also concerned about all the resources available and where to start. This is a revolutionary change. In fact, when I told my students that they would be receiving Chromebooks soon, one shouted, “Welcome to 21st Century learning!”

If my colleagues are reading this and need assistance implementing technology and online learning in their classrooms, I am doing it right now. I can assist with the (few) programs and apps I have worked with, but most of all, I hope some colleagues would like to learn with me through trial and error. Many students are technologically-literate and can help us in this journey.

One teacher from another school site made a comment about implementing technology in our classrooms and said something to the effect of, “Doing this is difficult for us now, but as new teachers enter the profession, they will already know how to do this.” Many of us are now older and less proficient at technology. As for myself, I used the Internet in high school, but many of my experiences were from text-based sites and message boards. We did not have cell phones, nor were there vast networks of Wi-Fi Hotspots like the ones available now.  Students right now don’t know the agony of waiting for a dial-up modem or saving documents onto a floppy disk. They don’t even know what it is like to wait until someone was at home in order to call them.

On the other hand, they already know many of the programs and apps we are learning now, and are accustomed to working with technology for collaborating, sharing, and managing information. We can look to these students as resources; after all, they know what interests them and what will engage them so we might as well ask them!

Tasks Completed:
Planning for semester
Locating resources for Chromebook lessons
Rearranged seating chart
Entered assignments for periods 2 and 3 into grade book
Email: read and replied
Updated websites
Interacted on Twitter
Reviewed Units of Study materials for unit 4
Read about Symbaloo in the Classroom at: Symbaloo in the Classroom on EduBlogger


Hours: 8:30 am (Late start canceled today) –



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