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transcendentalism vocab

julius caesar vocab act 4

Searching for higher-level questions about Emerson for 11th grade, and found this gem on curriculum planning! thinkingcurriculumguidelines

http://www.vcu.edu/engweb/eng372/selfques.htm Questions from a professor about Self-Reliance

Student guide with evidence-based questions: EmersonLesson-StudentVersion

Idea: to connect to “who are you” in anger management movie “Imitation is suicide”

Dying to yourself – religion, relationships, etc…you are killing yourself if you are imitating others.

Self-reliance in Michelle Obama’s dad’s article

from: E-notes  – Emerson says that the problem with society is that its goal is to conform people (“The virtue most in request is conformity,”). He goes on to say that the conformity then robs people of their ability to think for themselves and to be independent thinkers because it becomes so easy to simply follow the crowd rather than form original thoughts.  Furthermore, he says that society “…whips you with its displeasure,” if one is a non-conformist meaning that one who does not conform to the general rules and ways of society are considered outcasts and are shunned or worse.  So, yes, Emerson did believe that society limited individual freedom.

Divergent thought – movie “Divergent” or something about Patrick Henry or even the protesters two years ago



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