September 10, 2015

Tasks Completed:

Emails – read, replied, etc.

Printed out resources from John Allen, organized files

Researched informational text articles and current events for Articles of the Week

Contacted customer service for class website because some entries were missing; corrected errors on class web

Updated this website

Checked schedule conflicts for meetings and addressed them

Researched evidence charts, summary charts, and argument charts; found awesome resource here: to evaluate arguments, evidence, warrants, etc.

Encyclopedia Brittanica had some good stuff in this resource:

Lesson plans on books:

Thought about collage for literary elements: look up later

Looked up literary elements for teaching through picture books instead of long literary works (more fun!) – printed lists of books with literary elements taught

Created agenda for tomorrow’s meeting with Jose Campos

Hours: 7:45 am – 3:45 pm


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