September 9, 2015

Tasks Completed:

Emailed, replied, etc.

Called counselors about five students, discussed possible parent meetings and phone calls

Read about Social Studies Literacy and Academic Language in a Social Studies Literacy Article

Printed and reviewed handouts from above article, including Language-Content-Task Framework, Seidlitz’s Historical Language Terms, Questioning Stem guide, Academic Vocabulary section, and Zweier’s classification of teacher comments.

Updated attendance; coaching, and class websites

Researched how to teach inference:

Looked up Reciprocal Reading

Researched how to teach reading

Began creating home visit guide with rationale for academic coach involvement

Hours: 7:15-3:15

Worked on vocabulary jigsaw:
1. Selected magazine pictures
2. Glued pictures on manila folders
3. Glued printed-out vocab words and definitions next to each other
4. Cut up pictures so students can match the words to the definitions and complete the picture.

vocab 1 vocab 2 vocab 3 vocab 4


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