September 1, 2015

Tasks Completed:

Read Engaging the Adolescent Learner and Text Dependent Questions by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey and matched up the categories of questions to Costa’s Levels of Questioning and Bloom’s Taxonomy (both old and new versions).

Knowledge (Remembering) and Comprehension (Understanding):

  1. General Understanding     –     Level 1 Blooms, Level 1 Costa
  2. Key Details     –     Level 1 and 2 Blooms, Level 1 CostaAnalysis (Analyzing):
  3. Vocabulary and Text Structure     –     Level 4 Blooms, Level 2 Costa
  4. Purpose     –     Level 4 Blooms, Level 2 Costa
  5. Inferences     –     Level 5 and 6 (new) Blooms, Level 2 CostaSynthesis (Creating) and Evaluating (Evaluation):
  6. Opinions, arguments, and intertextual connections – Level 6 (new) Blooms, Level 3 Costa

Read Strategies for Close Reading and Critical Reflection by Mark A. McCutcheon

Looked at resources from Beryl Irene Bailey:

Question the AuthorGradual-Release-Model-Revised_Restricted

Created a Question the Author handout from existing questions found online: Question the Author

Found online resources for history teachers:

Created a handout for guiding teachers through close reading and text-dependent questions based on Fisher, Frey, and Bailey: Text Complexity and Close Reading Fisher and Frey

Hours: 7:30 – 3:30


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